Steps to Conflict Resolution

Step 1 – It is a great idea to identify a safe place and time to talk about the issue(s)

Step 2 – It is of the utmost importance to listen to what the other person/s has to say.

In most cases during conflict situations people talk over one another. The focus is usually on putting their own points across that they
give little or no thought at all to what the other person is really saying. In this instance, the likelihood of a positive resolution is
minimised. One of the essential keys to conflict resolution is having excellent communication skills.

Step 3 – It is important that you tell them how you feel and what you think needs to be done to resolve the problem.

Be assertive – inform members of the group that conflict can only be resolved when both parties are prepared to address the issue.
So, when faced with conflict, all the people involved have to express their opinion.

Step 4 – Generate options which will result in a win-win outcome and negotiate a mutually agreeable solution.
being made but it is imperative that every goes away without feeling that they were losers.


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